15 August 2009

Holidays: Chapter II

Finally! Chapter II is Reims where I studied for 4 years between 1999 and 2003 although I was not much there the last 2 years as I was also in Paris and in Halmstad, Sweden. Some of my family live there so I spend a week there. I went to my business school and took part in the jury for the oral examinations. It's really interesting, I loved it!

We also went to the Moët & Chandon "caves de champagne". One of my uncle is working there and he had arranged a private session for me, my aunt & uncle (another one), two of their kids and me. It was really great and of course Moët & Chandon champagne is really good! We drank some rosé, my favourite!!

After that we went to Reims and visited the cathédrale and the St Remi church. I had actually never been in the St Remi church!!!

This September, it will be 10 years since I entered Reims Management School. Time goes so fast... 10 years since I met Alexandra, Anne-Aurore, Mélanie, Julie, Philippe, Céline and many more.

If you wonder what it is on the picture on the right, it's a chandelier made with champagne glasses!! It's hanging from the ceiling at Moët & Chandon. Go and see it!

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  1. Déjà 10 ans... Piou ! ça ne ne rajeunit pas tout ça ! ;-)