03 August 2009

Holidays: the program

First of all, let me show where I was during these holidays before I have been travelling quite a lot within France.

I arrived in France on the 3rd of July in the evening and stayed overnight in Paris before I headed to Tours for Julie & Frank's wedding. On the 6th, between Tours and Reims, I also slept overnight in Paris. But it's short to be mentionned in the list (woke up at 6 and had a train at 7:30 in both cases... short nights!).
  1. Tours, 4-5 July
  2. Reims + Epernay, 6-12 July with and intermede
  3. Lyon, 8-10 July
  4. Paris, 12-13 July
  5. Artigueloutan (my hometwon / village near Pau), 13-25 July with some escapades
  6. St Jean de Luz, 19-21 July
  7. Barcelona, 22-24 July
  8. Paris again, 25-26 July
And back to Sweden. Pretty exhausting uh? But so much woooorth it!


  1. dis-donc t'en as fait un périple....
    J'espère que tu en as bien profité!
    T'as vu qui à Barcelone?


  2. Oh oui, ces vacances font partie des meilleures de ma vie je crois. J'étais à Barcelone avec ma copine Sophie, on y a été en voiture depuis Pau. Un cadeau pour nos 30 ans respectifs + 15 de vie "commune". =)