06 April 2009

Sun and Summer

Saturday was a fantastic day 15-17 degrees for the first time this year, amazing blue sky, no wind... After the gym, I went to meet some friends because there was a pillow fight organised near my place. I didn't feel like participating but it was fun to watch (took some pics, will try to post them later). My friends couldn't stay long and 5-10 min are enough to watch but then I didn't want to go home so I decided to go and buy a magazine, something to drink and go to Slottskogen, the big park that can be compared to Göteborg's own central park. But after a few minutes I met Isabelle (in the middle on the first picture here) who had just left Katti at a terrasse of a café nearby. Mmmmh, Katti or Cosmo? Katti of course! So I went there and she was still there with a friend of her. I was going to have some chai latte as usual when suddenly I saw this:

I just love Orangina!!! So I HAD to have one, it reminds me of France, it reminds of summer, it reminds me of my childhood.... ah too many good things in such a small bottle!

Also it was the first time I was wearing my new sunglasses, so nice! Perfect day!


  1. moi aussi j'adore Orangina!
    J'imagine que tes lunettes et toi avez profité du temps magnifique de ce week end... Nous on a presque attrapé un coup de soleil à Malmö et Copenhague :-)

  2. Oh oui, on en a bien profité même si on s'est fait pieger mes lunettes et moi, le soir, et qu'on a eu froid aux pieds, enfin moi, plus que mes lunettes...