23 April 2009

Here we go!

The other day I got a lovely email from my friend Vickie who wanted to pay me a visit from Halmstad and was asking for available dates so I looked at my agenda. I knew I had quite a lot going on this spring / early summer but thaaaat much!?! Wow! I felt almost ashamed when I wrote week 22, 24 and 26 (end of May and june when she emailed me mid-april).

But what can I say? It feels like all my French friends have decided to come and visit me this year, this combined with a couple of weddings (of course, you know me...). My busy schedule looks like that:
- this week-end: Fanny (yay, girlie girl week-end with chit-chat all day long!)
- next week-end: Anne-Aurore and Dimitre (food, wine and talk are on the menu with David Guetta as a bonus and jogging and sauna in options)
- week 19: my 30 year old party
- week 20: Göteborgsvarvet, Göteborg's semi-marathon that I am running!
- week 21: Ascension, a 4-days week-end in Stockholm with Melanie. Shopping, Museum, coffees, walks, couple of drinks... and talk, talk, talk. Is 4 days enough?
- week 22: still free, want to see me?
- week 23: my cousin's wedding in France, going home for 3 days. The cousins' gang is back, watch out!
- week 24: still free, call me!
- week 25: week-end in Stockholm with Philippe, Alexandra and Etienne, sweet frenchy French people. We're gonna walk all day long to get rid of the food we're gonna eat all night long.
- week 26: still free, sms me!
- week 27: the franco-norwegian wedding of the year. And while I'm at it, I am staying in France for another 2 or 3 weeks.
- week 28-29: in France then, here and there.
- week 30: should I stay in France a couple of days more or save 2 holiday days for later... mmmh can't decide!!

After week 31, I don't have anything planned but that's August already, crazy, uh?!??!

Let's get started now. Fanny is in the plane already and lading here soon. When I talked to here on the phone today I told her "See you later". It was so strange to say that, but oh so cool!


  1. C'est jamais assez lgtps avec toi :-) bisous

  2. Still waiting for Elins answer... I'll write you another e-mail right now! :-)