20 April 2009


Yesterday I bought my first DVD-player. Like that. Three weeks before turning 30, I get modern. I haven't made hi-fi purchases in my life. A TV with a tape-recorder thing included in 1999. Another TV here in Sweden in 2004, which I still have, because my old TV didn't fit in my car on my way to Sweden (my sister inherited it). After that a friend of mine let me her DVD-player when she moved abroad and in my turn, I left it to the Xchange student mythical house of Pilefeldtsgatan 42 also known as PF42, place of many memories and many parties. But back to subject: after that there was a DVD-player in the second flat in rented in Gotheburg (lived only 4 months in the first flat). So technically it's just since June 2007 that I haven't had a DVD.

And now I am the happy and proud owner of the player here below.
The best about it is that it has a USB port that makes it possible to read DiVX directly out of a USB stick. Cool, uh? So now I can watch movies aaaaaaall the time if I want to! Yay!!!

Aaaaand it has a nice design! Hihi!

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  1. HAHAHA. Du är för rolig!! Ha så trevligt med din nya kompis! ;-)