18 April 2009

Baby number 1

This year, at least 5 of my good friends are having babies.

- The first one Albane was born on Thursday.
- The next one Elsa/Nils (the parents don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl) is expected in about 10 days now but could come any minute, her mum would appreciate I think....
- The three other ones are coming in October

So in 2009, five babies and only two weddings, I think I've entered the next phase...

What about you, more babies or more weddings this year?


  1. Hittills ska fyra av mina vänner ha barn i september/oktober i år. Ingen ska gifta sig. Vad jag vet.

    Jag skulle gärna få ett eget barn till men det blir nog svårt att hinna med det under 2009... ;-)

  2. a baby next year....? a wedding?

  3. Vickie: ja, barn under 2009 blir svårt... ;-)

    Matth: baby et wedding, tu assistes ou tu "participes"?

  4. je sais pas encore....................................

  5. Merci Lorraine ;) tu m'envoies ton adresse stp stp stp!