21 September 2009


Autumn should go quite fast this year considering that I am busy all week-end of September and October. December shouldn't be a problem with all the Xmas shopping & eating. I just need to fill my November week-ends as this is the month I hate the most. Worst case scenario I'll spend my time at the cinema avoiding the greyish, windy and rainy time.

Two weeks ago I was at the Mexican Independance Celebration Party (same as two years ago, read here). It was super nice as always but boy, how time flies when you're having a good time!

This week-end, I met Elsa, the baby girl of my friend Jonna (you can read her blog here but it's in Swedish). Elsa is 4 months and sooooo cute!!! In the evening, I went to a farewell party for a friend leaving to Barcelona, lucky girl! And on Sunday I had a lovely french lunch made by Isa & Romain before going home with some cartoon books that I borrowed from them and read in my soffa as it was raining for the first time in almost two weeks here... A great week-end! Which put a conclusion to a rather normal week if it hadn't been for a great news that makes me really happy. My friend Vickie found a job! Grattis my friend, you deserve it!

Next week-end (26-27 sept), on the program is: a baby-shower party, meeting a norwegian friend and attending a Bday party.

Week-end after that (3-4 oct): Loooooooondooooooon! So looking forward to it! I haven't been there in 5 years. 5 years? Really? Why did it take so long to book so flight tickets?!?!

10-11 oct: a double 30-year old party with a funny theme, heroes. Have no idea what to wear though...

17-18 oct: dad is coming for the week-end, yay!!!

24-25 oct: week-end in Stockholm with my sister to go and see Muse in concert. Muse is one of my favourite groups and I have never seen them live so I am RRRREEEALLY looking forward to see them. Gosh, I can't wait!

After that... no plans... yet!!!


  1. Heroes = Wonder Woman!!!

    Sinon j'ai toujours voulu voir la Sverige en Novembre... tu m'invites le temps d'un weekend? ;)

  2. Wonderwoman a aussi été ma 1e reaction!
    Kom, du är så välkommen! Puss o kram!