11 September 2009


Although today is September 11th, I won't write anything about it. Did it two years ago there. No, today I'm going to write about something positive, something great going on here. The weather has been nice the whole week and should be even better this week-end! What's great about that? you wonder. Well, Göteborg is quite a rainy town and we had our lot of rain and 15 degrees a couple of weeks ago so it's nice when we can see the sun several days in a row and when the thermometer actually reaches 20 degrees.

I appreciate it and try to make the most of it. Like yesterday when I went for a walk in Slottskogen. I took some paths I had never taken and arrived to this little lac that you can see on the picture below. There was no one and the light was amazing! I thought immediately about how many occasions I missed this summer and that next year we need to go there and have a pic-nic or a BBQ or something!

I continued for a while and went to see my favourites in the park: the penguins! And then my second favourites: the seals! Ah love them!

On my way back I went to Masthuggskyrkan, very close to where I live because there is a great view and with this evening light, I thought it would be even better. What I hadn't counted on is that the sun was going down so I stayed to watch it disappear. What is it with sunset that makes them so intriguing? Why do we love them so much? (me at least)

One of the reasons why I wanted to go out for a walk was also because I know I won't have the courage when it rains (which is doomed to be more and more often now as autumn arrives). But I hope I go out every time the sun is out and shining!


  1. Men vännen, du är väl inte ute och promenerar i Slottsskogen ensam på kvällarna hoppas jag?!???
    Var rädd om dig! :-) Kram!

  2. Klockan var 18.30-19 typ och fortfarande väldigt ljust. Det finns mycket folk där.
    Don't worry! Kram!