17 September 2009

Holidays: Chapter VI

The holidays seem so far away now... time to make a conclusion. Which was Barcelona. A few figures:

- It was a 75 years celebration: 30 for me, 30 for Sophie and 15 for our friendship. That's it, I've lived as much with Sophie in my life that without. Hope she's part of the rest of it now!

- It was hot, very hot! 38.7 degrees hot. A record in the region for the last 22 years. Thank god for my espadrillos and my Zara dress!

- It was cheap and good: 30 € for two for a whole evening of tapas and beers. We even found a place where a bear costed 1€! We also bought some fruits at an amaaaazing market. Oh it was so good (costed 1 or 2€). If I were living in Barcelona I think I would buy some eeeeevery day!

- It was too short, 2,5 days only... The ½ day in Figueras was a deception and afterwards it would have been better to spend it in Barcelona but oh well... And we didn't even have the time to see the Sagrada Familia. But in most European big cities 2-3 days is seldom enough and I quite like to leave something unvisited. It gives me a reason to come back.

And now a few pics/collages:

The Casa Batlló.

Some mosaics from the Güell Park.

The Güell Park and the view over the city.


  1. "like" Barcelona :-) !

  2. ... et Gaudi surtout !!!