25 February 2009

Prince charming

I still haven't found my prince charming but someone who did is Victoria, princess of Sweden. 7 years ago to be more exact. During all these years, people have been speculating on whether they would get married, whether Daniel Westling, her boyfriend, would be accepted by the Royal family. After all he is "one of the people" as they say here...

But yesterday Victoria won! She announced her engagement to Daniel who is becoming Prince Daniel, Count (or lord or byron or whatever) of Västergötland. The wedding is planned for the early summer of 2010. Who cares you think? Well, Sweden does definitely, it is expected to bring a country 2,5 billions crowns, 2,5 millions euros. Not too bad in these times of economical crisis, uh? Did you think that was a slump or on the contrary calculated? Dunno but what's important is that loooooove wins in the end!

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