23 February 2009


Fucking Freaking Fabulous!!!!!

This is how Åre was.

Just a few pics for starters. My uncle shot around 600 pictures that Gratianne and I took home thanks to G's little external hard drive so I may put some more during the next few days.

Kind of fucking freaking cold as well... the average temperature was around -15 degrees and some days it was colder and with the wind the felt temperature was around -25.

Tough!! Cold!! But worth it...


  1. Ser fint ut. Nästan som hemma (Kiruna). Fast bara nästan... ;-)

  2. gargllllllll...!
    que c'est beau!!!!

  3. Vickie: förhoppningsvis tar min nästa resa norrut mig mot Kiruna, längtar efter dagen när jag äntligen får chansen att åka dit. Vi pratade om att fira nyår där med min syster.

    Matth: ouais, hein?!?!