02 February 2009

Lorraine 1-0 Lorraine

Yesterday I went running to Delsjön, Göteborg's big lake, with my sister. I was quite cold outside but with a clear blue sky. The lake was like last time: the ice was so think that people could walk on it. But this time, there was even a thin layer of snow on the ice so that it was all white. It was beautiful!!! When we got there, my sister and I regretted that we hadn't taken our cameras with us.

Then I started running, a few minutes with my sister and then she left me because she runs much faster. But I kept running even when it was going up and down, slowly but surely and I didn't stop. I managed to run all around the lake without stopping. I was quite impressed myself when I arrived and checked the time: 1 hour and 5 minutes to make it!

My problem when I am running is that after a while, I usually get bored and start believing that I must be tired and so I start to get tired. And I tend to look at my watch or the time on the machine when I run at the gym. And when I do so, I always think time goes too slowly... So yesterday I resisted and didn't look at my watch a single time! That's why I was surprised (and happy) that I had made it in 1H05.

Lorraine the strong: 1
Lorraine the weak: 0

Lorraine the strong wins!!!

And adding the time to get from the tram to lake, the time around the lake and from the lake back to the tram, I ran 1h30 yesterday!!! Tell me about beating my record!!!

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  1. quelle sportive cette Lolo...!