13 February 2009


Ooops! Time goes fast and hop, before you realise it, one week has gone and you haven't written anything on your blog... I was starting to get better than last autumn though, don't you think?
Oh well, time to catch up and keep it up!

Last week-end, I tried the french bakery shop and it was oh so wonderful! Thank you Iris, you made my life so much better! Crazy just for some bread, uh? Well, I'm French... We bought some bread, croissant, pain au chocolat, went home with a smile on our faces and made some good breakfast with tea, butter and marmelade (nothing salty!). Then we started talking and eating and suddenly I realised something!!! I realised that I had not reacted on the bread... simply because it was just like at home! Yes, it's possible! REAL French bread in Sweden, yay!!!

On Sunday, however, I didn't get my American breakfast because my friends were sick. Will be another time. Monday-Tuesday, in the office, nothing special.

On Tuesday I went to Poland for 2 days for business. My first time in Poland and I quite liked it. Warsaw is a mixture of East and West, traces of the Estearn countries and communism (especially in the buildings and the lack of planning when they built the town) but with a touch of modernism, of internationalism and of this feeling that you get in any capital city. I was briefly in the old town and the architecture was much more interesting. Everything is new because it was all destroyed during WWII but they built everything again thanks to pictures, plans and memories. Interesting and I definitely want to go back.

I also met a good friend from Halmstad 2004-2005 and it was so cool to meet after all these years. It felt we met just a couple of weeks later or rather it felt that it could have been any number of weeks, months or years, time hadn't created any feeling of "break". Really cool!

And now, I'm back in Gothenburg for 48h before I head north. Much further north than where I have ever been so far. Åre, here I come. -26 degrees when the coldest I have had is -12? Not scared, looking forward to it instead!!!


  1. Use your camera in Åre, will you?!! I've never been there!

  2. "Ooops! Time goes fast and hop, before you realise it, one week has gone and you haven't written anything on your blog... "

    une autre?

  3. Vickie: my uncle took 600 pics! Will try to put some online soon

    Matthieu: et oui, une autre mais c'etait pour la bonne cause, je skiais!! ;-)