06 September 2011

The world's proudest sister

Do you remember when my sister was running for 80 or 90 km two or three years ago? If not you can read about it here, here and here.

Well, forget about that now. How about:
- leaving from Chamonix, all around the Montblanc through France, Italy, Switzerland and to go back to France and back to Chamonix
- 170 km
- 9700 m of positive altitude change
- max 46 hours to complete

Pretty crazy, uh? Well... 
As you can guess from the smiles on our faces, these pics are from the finish line where the world's best sister arrived after 44h and 10 min.

I am not going to write more about it. First because Gratianne will, hopefully, in a couple of days and she does that better than me [will give you the link if you're interested). And then, because it's something I shared with my parents, my brother and with her and I kind of want to keep it that way, wonderful memories that are just ours.

But one thing I can say: I am the world proudest sister!


  1. Not to mention, the world's BEST OF THE BEST. I love you so and these 44h10 have been some of the best of my life and will always be like that because you were there and you gave me everything to make my 5 year dream come true. You are just best and my heart is too small to love you to your worth...

  2. Ah bein c'est malin les frangines, je pleure moi maintenant! Bravo, bravo mille fois Gratianne, c'est hallucinant! Et ce doit être en effet un moment extraordinaire à partager en famille. Ma Lilou, tu as de quoi être fière! Des bisous à vous!