15 September 2011

Geeka & Fika

This is what I am going to do every other Thursday this autumn. Meet with my Geek Girls and blog together. You can talk and get some inspiration, get some help with you blog when you want to change the theme, put some plug-in, start a wordpress blog... anything. Or just have a cup of coffee and relax with nice people. Me like! 

If the title sounds like Chinese to you, it's normal, it's in Swedish. Geeka comes from geek as you might have understood, we took the word and made it a Swedish verb. And fika is one of my favourite Swedish word, it stands for gathering, eating a bite and having some coffee or tea. That's what we do: eat & drink, talk (a lot) and blog.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice words and very nice evening! Look forward to see you and Ann-Sofie for a "fika" soon (after the book fair).