21 February 2010


Remember my post about my bike standing outside? This week-end it has snowed around 50 cm snow here in Göteborg. I've never seen anything like that, even after 5 years 1/2 in Sweden. Many Swedes have never deen anything like that either. VästTrafik, the local collective transport company and SJ the national train company have declared "force majeure". Trams are almost not circulating, all trains were cancelled this morning... The newspapers were writing "Göteborg paralysed" today. A bit exagerated but not much actually, when people are going somewhere, no one knows when they are arriving. "I'm coming when I'm coming" kind of...

I haven't checked my bike thid week-end but I know the neighbour will also have to wait a little bit before he or she can get his/her bike back!


  1. arghhhhhhhhhhh !!!
    trop bien!

  2. Angry ski lover22/2/10 14:52

    Of course it HAD to happen when I'm going away... First I almost missed my plane and then I dont get to live that paradise crazyness... Life...

  3. Matth: ouais, hein?

    Sis: console-toi en te disant que tu rates aussi la pluie sur la neige qui rend tout slushy et degueulasse et qui est super casse-gueule!