01 February 2010

A nice mix of movies

As I wrote earlier, I saw five films this weekend, very different from each other but good ones. Here are my impressions.

The story: a group of young girls in an orphanage are in awe for their teacher (Eva Green) who's been travelling all around the world and tells them lots of stories. But everything changes when a Spanish girl arrives.

The + the landscapes are beautiful, I love Eva's clothes with high waisted trousers, typical 20-30's. And her room is greatly furnished.

The - nothing much is really happening for most of the film until 10 min before the end of the movie when we had to leave of course (we had to leave not to miss the following movie).

The story: the life of Hapatia, a woman philosopher, in Alexandria around the 4th century.

The + the movie is really well realised technically and Rachel Weisz is not only a beautiful woman but also a fantastic actress.

The - I feel there were some shortcuts in the story à little bit. Indeed, Hapatia's destiny was influenced by the conflicts between the different religions in Alexandria at that time and she tried to influence those conflicts as well but sometimes it was too elusive to me.

The story A group of pilgrims in Lourdes. And suddenly a miracle...

The + happens in Lourdes as the name says, which is around 30 km from my hometown. I've been there often and it felt good to see the familiar images, felt like i was home for an hour or two. The film is directed by an Austrian woman but the main actors are French and among others Sylvie Testud and she's very good.

The - I don't really, I didn't get a woaw effect but on the other hand it's not why you go and see this movie.

A single man
The story: first film directed by Tom Ford, with Colin Firth in the leading role playing a university professor who is profoundly depressed since the death of his boyfriend and compagnon of 16 years.

The + Colin, he's a genius and I love him. And he really looks good for a 50 year old. The clothes, the houses, everything from the 60's. Julianne Moore, Gosh so gorgeous, God this make-up, love it!

The - dunno, can't find anything negative to say like that after a few days.

The shock doctrine
This was not really a movie but a documentary about Naomi Klein (author of the No Logo book) and her shock doctrine. Very interesting documentary that showed how Milton Friedman's ideas spread after WWII and how capitalism was introduced in some countries after shocks such as was or crises. From Chile & Argentina in the 70's to England with Thatcher in the 80's to Irak today. Interesting. What I didn't really liked is that they gave no alternative to the capitalism that was so bad according to Klein. Maybe that's in her book, should read about it.

And tonight, the Eclipse!

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