14 February 2010

Film Festival - part II

I told you only about the first five movies that I saw at the film festival but I saw 6 more after that so here is a quick summary.
The Eclipse
Irish movie about a classical love triangle during a book festival in Cobh in Ireland. Not a great movie but a nice one anyway, the story has some weaknesses but I like the three actors. Aidan Quinn that I hadn't seen since Legends of the fall with Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond. I was in high school so it must be sometimes around 1996 or 1997. In this film he plays the role of an asshole and he's just great! The leading role is played by Ciaran Hinds. Have you seen the BBC series Rome? He was playing Cesar. Aaaah he's just a Great actor. And the girl is actually a Danish girl that I know from a series I have seen here in Sweden. It was fun to see her here. So yeah, the major + about the movie is the actors.

And then came Lola
Not a remake but the director said he was inspired by Run Lola Run with Franka Potente. A pale copy that's all it was... quite boring but with some funny moments.

Aaaah!! Another golden nuggets of this festival. Lots of great actors like Leguizamo or Judy Dench. But the most impressive one? Jude Law playing a woman part. Aaaaah! He's amazing! And with so much make-up on, his eyes were... Ah, I just died a little bit every time I saw him, I just melted. Apart from that, a very unusual but interested way of filming. The whole movie was just about monologues about all the characters that were interviewed the one after the other. Great way of telling a story. Really good!

The Army of Crime
French movie, really good. Being French I have seen a lot of movies that take place during the second World War, about Paris when it was occupied by the German, about the Resistance movement. But in all the films I have seen the French were French. Sounds logical you think. Well The army of crime opened the eyes for me about the fast that a lot of immigrants from Eastern Europe had been seeking refuge from the communism in France and that they have been fighting against the German. Film by Robert Guediguian, it could only be good.

With Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as his wife (they are living together in real life and have 2-3 children together. The film is about the last years of Darwin's life and his internal struggle between his discovery about the evolution of species and the impact it could have on religion and the existence of God. Knowing that his wife was very religious.
Very interesting and great acting by Paul, which I totally love and Jennifer who is also a very talented actress.

Ashes & Blood
French movie about Fanny Ardent, maybe one of the most famous French actress, a bit like a female Depardieu. I was very curious about what this actress could produce as a film. I got very disappointed. The story is strange, filmed in a weird way, with some ellisions everywhere and you know blanks in the conversation: A talks - silence - B answers - silence - A replies - silence. Aaaah so annoying! As I said, disappointed and I was a bit sad to end the festival by a weak film...


  1. Ouh la la, Jude Law en fille et moi je vire ma cuti illico!
    Et tu as entendu dans l'armée du crime? Lors de l'appel au début (et à la fin aussi je crois), il y a un "lucciarini"!!!^^

    Bon, si tu ne l'as pas encore vu, et si tu n'es pas lassée de ciné avec tout ça, je te conseille vivement Invictus, le dernier Eastwood avec Morgan Freeman. Je ferai peut être un petit topo (j'espère aussi intéressant que les tiens) demain sur mon blog tiens.

    Des bisous!

  2. J'adore la belle Fanny Ardant... Je voudrais voir son "Cendres et sang" parce que je trouve que tout ce qu'elle fait (je ne parle pas de sa vie privée, bien sûr) est très interéssant - j'aime lire ses interviews très elaborées. Elle a toujours des choses intéressantes à dire... Donc je suis triste parce que il me semble que personne n'aime pas son film - j'ai voulu croire qu'elle peut faire tout.... Mais bien sûr, personne ne peut être parfait - elle est une actrice magnifique quand même! C'est dommage qu'elle est très peu connue ici en Suède.

    (Okej, min franska är inte så perfekt... jag kände mig bara tvungen ;) Egentligen var det så att jag googlade för att se om FA har nämnts i svensk media på sistone -- och så hittar jag en fransyskas blog, ha ha!)