04 June 2009


Tomorrow I am flying back to France. Yay! Just for the week-end though. Buh.

My cousin is getting married on Saturday with Alice and all my family and all my cousins will be there. Oh I just can't wait! We're gonna have so much fun!

As some of you may know I am a wedding-guest professional and am invited to 2-3 weddings every year. Therefore I have a couple of dresses. But some of them are too big now, others are still ok but I didn't feel like wearing them again. Not this year at least. So I bought a new one. And it was not easy, I thought I would have a lot of choice in Stockholm but it seems I could have found just as easy here in Göteborg...

Anyway, here is what it looks like but I bought in another colour though. A very nice dark grey that I will match with a yellow shawl. I really like the combination gray-yellow, think it's very elegant. You'll see next week how I look like it it!

Not let's hope for some sun for Saturday!!


  1. très joli...
    et pour mon mariage tu mets quoi

    Gros bisous

  2. Et toi tu mets quoi? Curieuse va! Tu verras dans moins d'un mois maintenant.