17 June 2009

I (heart) H&M II

They did it again!! Today was announced the next collaboration with a designer and it will be no less that Jimmy Choo! The collection is landing in stores on the 14th of November. Take a day off, prepare for fight and get ready to reach the 7th heaven on heels. A bit of Sex and the City feeling there. Except that it's Jimmy instead of Manolo. Love it anyway!!!

Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo for H&M


  1. Oh noooo!
    I was about to say : I have found my shoes for the wedding next month!!!
    Well, nevermind, I will shoes hunting next weekend again...

  2. Ninie: elles ne débarquent pas avant le mois d'octobre!

  3. T'arrives à marcher avec des talons comme ça toi ? Tu m'épates... ;-)