15 January 2009


Yesterday I went home early. I was expecting my soffa that I ordered in November. The guys delivered it, carried it to the flat, put it together, all this in less than 15 min! The flat is not exactly the same as on the picture, I don't have the "corner"-model but the normal straight one.2,5 months is a long time to wait, but it was worth it. The soffa is grrrrreat! Wonderful. After the guys left, I sat in it and started daydreaming...

And pfuit! 15 min were gone! So I went up, changed clothes, freshened up my make-up and went downtown to meet Male & Brenda for a fika. Nice chit-chat about our respective Xmas holidays, about our ski trip coming and about the plan "Alps 2010".

Then I was picked up by my special friend for our little Xmas dinner. Better late than never! Good food, good wine (was mine, hehe!), good music... and very good company of course! ;-)


  1. il est trop beau ton canap ma lolo...!!!!!!!! on a envie de s'y ponger... des photos dans l'appart...!!!

  2. Nicwe soffan tjej, Looking forward to see it!

  3. Men hallå!! Jag vill se foton på din "speciella vän". Nuuuuuuu!

    Tack ;-)

    Kram och trevlig helg.

  4. Matth: bientot les photos, bientot...

    Ingeborg: looking forward to show the soffa and the flat "live"

    Vickie: lägger väldigt sällan bilder av andra på bloggen men du kanske får ett mail då. ;-)

  5. Anonymous19/1/09 21:21

    Trop trop beau! Ca doit trop bien aller chez toi!