22 January 2009

Cinema Cinema

I went to the cinema twice these last few days. And two VEEERY good movies. Or well, two movies that I REEEEALLY like I should say. These things are quite personal.

Last Saturday was "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and I had been expecting it in a looong time. Brad Pitt, besides being the most handsome man on earth (Sophie and I have been crazy about him since we were 15...) is also a very good actor in my opinion. And always smart choices when it comes to his movie career.

I was disappointed neither by Brad appearance (despite having to wait some time until he reached the "right" age and appearance) nor by his acting.

On the picture below you can see what I would like him to do to me... "On peut toujours rêver" as we say in French ("you can always dream" or "it doesn't hurt to dream" something like that). :-p

And yesterday I went to see Australia. Wasn't disappointed either. This film is exactly what I like about movies and going to the cinema. An escape. An invitation to travel. Yesterday I travelled through Australia for 2.45 min for around 10€. That's what I call a bargain!! The movie has splendid images and landscape and I love Baz Luhrmann the director: he is the guy who did Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

As a bonus, I travelled through time. The movie takes place in Australia (really with such a name? :p) during WWII and one can see what happened there. As a European citizen, I learn about second world war at school but mostly about what happened in Europe. And especially about what happened in France with the D-Day and so on being French. One thing that stroke me when the war hits Darwin is that the houses were all in wood in opposition to Europe where houses where in stones and bricks. It gave the impression that people were even more vulnerable to these attacks coming from the sky...

No Hugh Jackman on the picture below, I just like Baz Luhrmann's graphic style. But Hugh is welcome to take the same liberties as Brad here above...


  1. Anonymous23/1/09 23:20

    You're so rrrrrrrrrrrright about Brad! Et c'est vrai que ça fait 15 ans que ça dure ;)

  2. Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman... ... ... ... *imaginez le loup de Tex Avery avec les yeux hors de ses orbites et la langue qui pend = c'est moi là maintenant :p*

  3. So: et on ne s'en lasse pas!!

    Manny: pareil et ma soeur encore pire, elle hurle meme comme le loup "Drover... ah drover... ah non mais Drover!!!" ;-)

  4. En plus, il parait qu'il est adorable, que sur les plateaux il va apporter le café aux techniciens, qu'il part sur les tournages avec toute sa petite famille et que dès qu'il a une pause il va jouer avec ses enfants... EN PLUS!!!