08 January 2009

I fell in the trap

Yesterday I fell in the trap again... On Monday I went to the gym for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I was a bit scared because it was my Monday step class but the first one without our favourite instructore Mikael. He announced in December that he was not going to have the class after Xmas. We were a little bit surprised and very disappointed, how were going to do without him? Then I reflected and realised, I had been having this class for more than 2,5 years. Woaw!!! Tell me about loyalty.

But I went there and the new girl is good too. It's not the same but I had a good time and I know it will be fun as well. And I realised how fast you loose your condition! The steps were easy or it's just that I am used to it but breathing? Aouch! That was hard in the end! Good to be back in the gym and to start sweating again.

I thought I would go there yesterday if I wasn't meeting my friend. As I didn't get any answer by the time I was already on my way home, I went to the supermarket quickly to buy some milk and bought, I know it's baaad, some cashews with chocolate on. Mmmh so good! And when I came home, I knew I wouldn't go out again... so I just watched TV eating my cashews.... No gym, I had fallen in the trap again.

So today, I didn't make the same mistake again. Today I took my gym clothes with my to the office. So that when I leave the office (turn time, turn! Faster please!) I go diiiirectly to the gym and no more excuse, Im tired and bla bla bla... Today I sweat! And maybe even a little bit more in the sauna after the shower. Mmmmh, one of the good things of winted, I love sauna!

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  1. du courage du courage ma Lolo...!!!