26 March 2011

New blog

I've started a new blog this week. Well actually 3 but two are different steps towards a "Looking for a job" website. Stay tuned. 

In the same time, you can start reading: http://lorrainedaum.tumblr.com/ which is another one personal blog. I don't know exactly how I will do with these two blogs. For the moment, this one will be more about me,a bout my life, my travels and so on. And the other one, more like a dashboard for things I find on the internet, videos, website, what's happening on my twitter and so on. Blogspot for the IRL Lorraine, Tumblr for the Internet Lorraine. 
That's idea so far, we'll see how it works.


  1. J'adore cette photo !!!
    Le lien ne fonctionne pas ;-(

  2. Lien rectifié, merci! :)

  3. Me like toutes ces idées!
    Et je garde toujours en tête celle dont on avait parlé il y a quelques temps déjà! ;)

  4. déjà qu'avec un j'ai du mal à m'y tenir, alors deux blogs, je ne sais pas comment tu vas faire...!