14 March 2011

Mars and Venus

Last week I had some friends visiting from France, my dear Fanny and her friends/colleagues. When I opened my cupboard and Benoit saw that (see picture), he started to laugh.

He clearly doesn't know what it is:
- to be a girl
- addicted to chocolate
- who lives abroad
- where you can't buy Côte d'Or or Poulain
- And no Bonne Maman jam!!!!

Otherwise he would definitely not laugh... ;-)


  1. chocolate and bonne maman jam is just part of the survival kit!
    wanna compete with us for the chocolate ( per head)?

  2. C'est dingue a quel point ils sont bien ranges tes placards!! Nous aussi on adore les Pim's, mais le packaging est slightly different! Tu peux m'envoyer une photo du tien? Tu l'as achete en Suede?

  3. Isa: I know you beat me on the chocolate thing. But I think you're cheating by putting lots in Romain's luggage. ;)

    Audrey: non mais parce que tu crois qu'on a des Pim's en Suède? Tout ca c'est de l'export privé chère amie. 8kgs à l'aller, 17kg au retour lors de mon dernier voyage à Paris... 4 pots de Bonne Maman entre autres. ;)

  4. Ce stock de chocolat !!! Impressionnant ! On voit à peine le paquet de Haribo !!! ;-)