10 March 2011

Mexico: part III

Yes, more Mexico! We're not done yet. As I told you I had four mini-trips during these three weeks and this part took place between December 30th and January 3rd. I flew from the East coast of Yucatan to the West coast (via Mexico City). We rented a house, Viviana & Maite and a couple of friends of them Paco and Carlos. It was situated a couple of km north of Ixtapa that you can see with a red star on the map below.

The house was on the beach, litterally on the beach. When you went out of the house, you had a small garden with some hammocks and in front of it, the beach and the Pacific Ocean. Just magic...

Our days looked like this:
- I wake up at 8 am (usually the first in the house)
- I go out, enjoy the light, the morning, the quietness, the magic of it...

- The other wake up (around 8.30-9) and we have breakfast: quesadillas or chilaquiles, some fresh fruits, corn flakes, ...
- We go for a walk on the beach or sunbathe for an hour or so
- Around 10.30-11 it's getting too warm so we go lie on some deckchairs in the shadows and we read, sleep, lie in the hammock, listen to music... and this until around 15 with a pause around 12 or 13 to open a couple of beers and chips or dips (and some vegetables I didn't know)

- around 15 we drive to the village that is around 10 km away and have lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach. Guacamole, pescadillas, fish, shrimps, piña colada, beers... REALLY good food and a lot! All this for like 8€. Nothing in other words. And coconut icecream. Very important! My oh my! The best coconut icecream in the world! So creamy and fresh and tasty. Paco and I become addicted in just 1 or 2 days... So when they didn't have it on the last day, it was like the end of the world...
- Around 17 we went back to the house, read some more, talk some more, have more beers, have a shower...
- no dinner since we were still full from the amazing lunch
- and usually go to bed around 22, read a bit and sleep

And here we go again on the day after. Like this for 5 days. Heaven on earth! Even more if you consider that I saw some dolphins and I saw some turtles when they were born. There was a turtle sanctuary just beside the garden. Turtles come in October-November and lay their eggs in some nests directly on the beach. But because they have so many predators (dogs, crabs, birds), some people take gently the eggs and put them in the corral you can see on the right on the picture here above. It's a great and really important job because only 1 or 10.000 turtles usually survive. It's a very threatened species. Poor them.

The eggs lie in the sand for 45 days and after E-XAC-TLY 45 days, the little turtles start to come out. And some came out during the days we were there. And once again, in order to protect them, the people take the baby turtles and release them around 4 or 5 meters from the water. Indeed the turtles need to walk at least 4 meters on the sand to kind of impress on their bodies the identity of the beach. And later when they are adults and it's time for them to go and lay eggs, they return to the exact same beach when they were born. Crazy uh? Nature truely is amazing. Look at this baby turtle, isn't it the cutest thing?

These five days were really amazing and on the 3rd none of us want to leave. We made lots of plans on buying a house, on renting this house again, and many more nice dreams. :)


  1. ouais!!!!! la suite, la suite...!!!

  2. Jusqu'à présent j'ai écrit une partie par mois, il va peut-être falloir attendre le mois d'avril pour la dernière partie du coup. ;)