12 July 2010

No news = good news... or?

I wish the expression no news, good news was true in my case but unfortunately it's rather the contrary... Nothing life-threatening, no illnesses but a couple of sad and annoying things that don't make me feel like writing. Like my sister leaving Sweden, for good. We moved in together in our appartment so now it feel a bit empty... And all her decoration in the room which is now my bedroom is gone for instance. Very white and unpersonal, I have to work on it the next couple of weeks...

Some other bad news are job-related, with disappointing NOs, especially one... Well not much I can do anymore, need to get it together, gather strength, leave it behind and move on. There is something else for me out there and I need to keep strong enough to wait for it.

But don't worry, there's a couple of fun things as well. Like when I went and see Sex and the City 2 and had fun despite the bad critics (and Isa's advice :p), or the zumba class I discovered (+ the girls there). My new addiction for Robyn's last album can also be classified in the good things, I love it! (listening to Dancing on my own right now).

And my friends of course, my lovely friends that are always there for me. :)


  1. tiens bon lorraine, cet été va te donner plein d'énergie et tu verras, tu trouveras un nouveau job fait pour toi! à mercredi, isa

  2. Bon courage Poulette ! Je pense bien à toi !! Bisous

  3. Courage ma Lilou!
    J'aimerais être là pour te faire un big kram. Je vais garder tous mes doigts (orteils compris) croisés pour que la chance et les good news reviennent.
    Des pussar tout plein!

  4. You see they are for me again! Merci les copines, plein de bisous à toutes les 3!

  5. et pas que les copines... gros bisous ma Lolo, je pense bien à toi et espère te voir cet été!!!!

  6. Pas que les copines, pas que La Piche, ta sister aussi... si j'avais su j'aurais laisse des decos!! Mes photos de ski par exemple? Ou celles de Hugh Jackman maybe? ... Laisse libre court a ton imagination Amouuur! <3

    But I miss u a bloody lot too... Your presence has been replaced by mice so ... it makes it even harder!

    We all know smg's good for u, it just sucks it's taking longer to arrive...

    Love love love and love again

  7. Anonymous4/8/10 23:09

    coucou Lolo, j'espère que ça va mieux (j'arrive tjrs avec un temps de retard ! ;-)). tiens moi o courant pour qu'on puisse se voir lors de ton passage sur Paris ! "on est les meilleures!" bisous. Ln