23 July 2010

Mariage de bois

My brother and his lovely wife got married 5 years ago today. Time flies! Don't have any pics of their wedding here (blogging from the office, whoooo!) but here are a couple of us that I found of Facebook.

Etienne and me, not so old...

At our family summer house, I'm on the left, Etienne has the stripy T-shirt on the right. We must be something like 2 and 4. The girls are (some of) our cousins Priscilla (standing) and Marie.

And a couple of years later (last summer to be more precise) at (one of) our cousin's wedding. In pink, our sister Gratianne and in green, the lovely wife and mother of two precious beauties, Gaëlle.

Happy wedding anniversary! Here's to your 5 years! (five is supposed to be marriage of wood according to the omniscient Internet).


  1. J'adore ta poussette et ta coupe de cheveux a 2 ans!!! ;)))

  2. Parisienne: y une photo de moi de la même série encore plus fabuleuse en termes de coupe de cheveux. Elle m'a valu le surnom de tintin. Je tire une tronche en plus! Vais voir si je la retrouve. ;)