27 July 2010

Colour of the Day: Red

Lately I have been thinking about a real red lacquer for my nails. I have several colours but no red. Didn't seem to be me. Do you sometimes have that feeling? When you like something but you don't buy it because it's not you? Happens a lot to me with perfumes.

And red lacquer. I didn't feel feminine enough. I started with only with very light and natural colours. Beige, iridescent sand colour, white. White was the first one my mum bought me. I was 20 and I was going to start my internship at Louis Vuitton. You see I started late...

A couple of years later, I started to buy some brighter colours but put them only on my feet. It felt OK on the feet but not on the hands. It may have to do with my many years of horse riding not being very gentle on the hands. It may have to do with biting my nails when I was a kid. It may also have to do with the fact that I don't really like the shape and size of my nails. Anyway, I barely painted my nails until May this year.

One my nail polish is a grey one from the brand OPI. I love this brand, they have super funny names. This grey shade is called "You don't know Jacques?". Actually it started a couple of month before when I enjoy my sister's Xmas present: a manicure/pedicure. My first one. At 30, better late than never. I of course loved it. So when I was going to a wedding in may and was wearing a grey dress, I thought: why not a manicure with the grey polish? The result:

And the result of this? I loved it! In the beginning I was looking at my hands aaaall the time! And I started to think that OK, I don't have long pianist-like hands and nails but it's not so bad anyway...

And lately then, I've been thinking about a red, a real red, deep, elegant, parisian-like, femme fatale... all this. And I found it today, it was the last one: a sign!

Dragon from Chanel (OPI and Chanel are my two favourite brands).

I guess it could be not only the colour of the day but also, the colour of the summer. Look how it matches with my strawberries. Not more strwaberries at the time of writing, ate eeeeverything! It's so good, hahaha!

After eating the strawberries, I lacquered my nails. Both feet and hands. It's still a bit unusual but I looove it. Think I'm going to watch my hands quite a lot the next few days. ;)

Do you want to see the result?


  1. Je veux voir!

    Encore une fois sur la même longueur d'onde ma bichette: je tente l'expérience depuis peu moi aussi, mains et pieds.
    Mais mon aubergine/grenat ne me plait pas vraiment (même s'il s'accorde bien avec mes nouvelles chaussures ^^)... mais ton rouge! Waow!! C'est exactement ce que je cherche aussi!
    (Et ton gris est bien joli!)

    Montre-nous, montre-nous!

    Des bisous!

    ps: j'adoOore tes posts girly aussi. <3

  2. Merci pour ton com ! Je découvre avec délectation ton blog; bonne continuation !