01 November 2011

Fashion critic

I know fashion editors have criticised the Dior Spring Summer 2012 show last month - which was the first one not designed by Galliano - saying it was quite boring and lacking this sense of show that Galliano was a master of.

I personally loved the show. I was quintessentially Dior, very elegant, very timeless, very 60’s but very modern. I mean look at these sunglasses!

To me, this collection was going back to the roots, going back to Christian Dior himself. It was like taking a big breath of fresh air, trying to catch up you breathe before taking a big jump. Before they get on a new designer who will incorporate his/her aesthetics, this was a true Christian Dior collection.

 How about you, did you like the collection? And what do you think about the Dior/Galliano thing?

1 comment:

  1. I liked it too, and I agree, it worked. You have to be brave to actually create a subtle and grown up collection for a house that meant exuberance and forever-young last season.