10 October 2011

Things that make me happy

- a new pair of training shoes with some red and pink
- a pink training bag (bought last June but still love it!)
- 3 hours of great training this week-end (2h on Saturday and 1h on Sunday)
- inviting two good friends to come and take part in this good thing
- giving them the chance to try zumba with me
- the fact that they liked it and liked my gym
- a gym full of people dressed in pink proving that together is strong and collecting money for a good cause and spreading some joy (and some sweat!)
- the fact that between 2007 and 2010 my gym has collected more than 500.000 SEK and has been the highest private giver every year. Hopefully we will break a new record this year!

Check out rosadygnet.se, see if you can find me on the pics and, if you live in Sweden, help us break the record and send an sms to make a gift (see on the right).


  1. yeaaaeeh! thanks for the invite to the zumba class, that was some real good fun! so i feel happy too... but all my body hurts, even in places i didn't suspected i had muscles. bisous!

  2. Tu fais de la zumba ?! J'avais envie d'essayer aussi... mais il faut que j'attende l'année prochaine maintenant ;-)