20 October 2011


I most of the time do my grocery shopping at the supermarket closest to my home (who doesn't?). But the other day I decided to change and go to Lidl, a German rather lowcost chain store. What a good idea it turned out to be. I found lots of French food there! Not only the Maille mustard or Le Rustique camembert cheese. No, Lots of food and local dishes. 

Not too difficult to identify as French right? Now, I didn't know this brand before, you can't find it in France but I checked the packaging and every product is produced in the right region so I believe it is a brand focusing on exporting outside the hexagon and working/buying from local producers. 

But the best that day was this cheese. My sister and brother and my cousin will grasp the magicness of it.

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  1. Je ne comprends pas comment tu fais pour vivre dans un pays qui vend ses produits en permanence, meme a 4 fois le prix metropolitain! J'adoooooooooores les pommes noisettes, je vais m'en commander sur le champ ;))