17 December 2010

Still far away...

On the 30th of Dec, I'm supposed to arrive there...

Actually I will get there. And stay 5 days. But this afternoon it just got a bit further away. It's snowing all over Europe and particularly in the Netherlands. They have actually never seen that much snow. Good for them. Not so good for me. My flight tomorrow was cancelled. And all the flights on Sunday and fully booked. So it seems I won't be leaving before Monday. Just lost two days of my trip, just like that.

The positive part is that I will still have the beach and coronas and everything! Stay tuned!


  1. Salut ma Lolo!
    J'espère que tu vas pouvoir partir vite, profite à fond et raconte tout sur ton blog! Bisous et bonnes vacances!

  2. flûte !!! Patience, y'a plus que ça !!! Bisous

  3. alors tu en es ou ma Lolo? toujours coincée à Amsterdam????
    désolé pour toi... mais tu apprécieras d'autant plus ton arrivée au Mexique...!