11 October 2010

Tea for two

I don't like coffee, don't like the taste, don't like the smell and certainly don't like people's loud slurp when they drink it although it's boiling hot.

Tea however I like. A lot. As you can see. There are unfortunately a couple of flavors on the pic that I don't like (my sister bought them when she was still living here) so I don't know what to do with them.

Will probably take them to the office some day. Have you already done that? Taken to the office some stuff you didn't want but couldn't bear to throw away?

Anyway, next time you come to my place for a cup of tea, you know you'll have the choice! :)


  1. ben, je viens les boire chez toi moi...

  2. ça me rappelle nos tea time de prépa (petite pause pendant les révisions/devoirs en soirée)...
    bisous. Ln

  3. Matth: viens il y a tout ce qu'il faut!

    Ln: ouiiii! Framboise-pamplemousse, pomme-cannelle, on avait quoi d'autre?