09 December 2009

Advent: Julöl

For those who haven't followed since the beginning of December, I am writing my own kind of Advent calendar by trying to tell about Advent & Christmas traditions in Sweden and in France. You can scroll down to see the previous posts.

For those who have been following you will know already that Jul means Christmas. And öl means beer. Christmas beer then. Indeed, Sweden as well as Denmark or even France are brewing special beers for Christmas. I haven't tried many, just he Tuborg I think but I remember it was more bitter than a normal beer.

I am not a big beer drinker and I don't know if that is because of that or if that is because I don't like julöl but I don't really see the point of a drinking a different beer at this time of the year.

Anyone liking julöl or Christmas beer or bière de Noël that could explain, please?


  1. Det är känslan av jul, darling. Ölen är inte nödvändigtvis så mycket godare, inte heller är köttbullarna bättre elelr prinskorvarna saftigare än resten av året.

    Men med alla dessa saker tillsammans, det är känslan av jul!