02 December 2009

Advent: Julmust

Is there anything more Swedish that julmust? I am not sure. Jul means Christmas and Must is a soda. Julmust is the Christmas version of it (for Easter they have Påskmust). It belongs to the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola family. Personally I hate it. My syster loves it.

And the Swedes? Ah they love it! Yesterday my friend Andreas saif we should get married because he had always dreamt of someone who would let him drink all the julmust.

Coca-Cola started to produce their own at the beginning of the 00's but it didn't really work. There's several brand, mostly small local brands but if you listen to people in Göteborg, there's only one brand: Apotekarnes. Right Andreas? ;-)

If you want to read more about it: Wikipedia of course!


  1. Spot on, Lorraine :)

  2. Julmust loveuse!2/12/09 22:48

    I think it's a shameful tresspass not to like (and overtly say it!) JULMUST, one of the Jättegot-est läsk här i Sverige!

    Please don't mention we're sisters när du säg det, tack!!


  3. ojoj så de vattnas i munnen.. julmust ja.. så svenskt.. så gudomligt gött!

  4. Anjo: :)

    Julmust loveuse: te plains pas, au moins je ne te le pique pas.

    Daniel: välkommen hit. Det är precis den reaktion jag får varje gång. ;)