18 May 2009


Busy busy busy. That's how busy I am these days... Look:

Monday: dinner with a friend.
Tuesday: coffee with a friend.

Wednesday to Friday: was in Amsterdam for work. Saw a few bikes.

Friday evening: La Bohême at Göteborgs Opera
It was my 30-year old birthday present from my little sister. Thanks G, I loved it!!

Saturday: I ran Göteborg semi-marathon, the biggest in the world, 53.000 participants. I did it! It took me 2.07.50 when I had planned 2.15. I am really happy and proud of myself!

In the evening I watched Sex & the City with some friends.
And talked on the phone with my mum as it was her birthday.

Sunday: I helped a good friend (and her lovely husband) to move from their flat to their house. I thought I had a lot of stuff but nothing compared to them!
Went home around 18 to help my sister with a BBQ she had for her birthday. Happy Bday sister!!

And now it's Monday and I'm back to work... boring. Thank God it's a short week and on Thursday I'm heading to Stockholm. Haven't been there in more than a year now. Looking forward to it!!


  1. Anonymous18/5/09 17:37

    Eh ben, t'es busy, oui! Bravo pour le semi marathon! Je t'admire, je serai jamais capable! Bisous! Sophie

  2. Déj`si tu arretais de fumer, ca serait un grand pas vers la ligne d'arrivée tu sais ma Soso! ;-p

  3. chapeau pour le semi-marathon...!!!! tu m'impressionnes!