07 May 2009


Nothing to tell or too much to tell? I don't really know... I guess it's too much to tell and too little time. Last week-end I had the lovely visit of two friends from France: my pruno and her husband. They got really lucky with the weather. I haven't downloaded my pics yet so I just stole two from you my pruno, hope it's OK.

When they arrived, I have to admit I hadn't made much plans, I just had ideas... and it feels like we didn't do much more than spend the afternoon on the archipelagos (north on Friday, south on Saturday) during the day and eat and drink in the evenings. They came with their hands full of champagne and vodka these lovely people! =)

I really had a good time and I think/hope they had too.

On Monday, I turned 30. Hence the number in this post. I had a really nice day. Last Thursday I got an enveloppe from my good friend Vickie telling that I shouldn't open it before the right day. Luckily I wasn't much at home during the week-end so I didn't need to pay attention to the enveloppe and to be tempted to open it. But on Monday I did and I found the most precious necklace made by one of Vickie's relatives. Vickie is from Kiruna in the north of Sweden and if I am not mistaken her family is sami. The necklace is handicraft. I also loved her card saying: "The good thing about your birthday is that today everyone is thinking about you", so true!

In the evening, my sister took me to a French restaurant called "Ma Cuisine". We had a perfect dinner from the South of France. Confit de canard aux cêpes, plateau de fromages et gateau basque. The chef is from Biarritz so it helps. It was really good, just like at home. A nice glass of gewurtzaminer to go along. And sweet presents from my sweet sister. :)

Yesterday I continued to discover the French restaurants in Göteborg with Cyrano. Finally! Indeed I pass by the restaurant EVERY morning on my way to the bus and every time I think, I should try it. My friend Oscar who is a regular apparently and now good friend with the boss gave me the opportunity. It was really good as well. French pizzas is their speciality. "But pizzas are not French, they're italian!" are you going to say now. Well yes, but in France we do them in another way, just like Sweden has its own way of making pizzas (a lot of everything, not that good). It was really good, the atmosphere in the restaurant really nice, and the company of Oscar (almost a neighbour) really enjoyable.

And this week-end, I'm having a big party. 70's vs 80's and people have to come disguised. I hope they play along. My dress is really cool. It's a vintage I found in my grand-mother's closet in Paris a few years ago.

Oh I can't wait!!!

Also because it's been taking quite a lot of my time (and money) lately. Yesterday I went a bought A LOOOOT of food. How often do you buy food for 40-50 people? Not often for me at least. And I was happy that my friend Brenda came (or drove me there actually, thanks again!) because she's the party expert and helped me with the quantities.

So tomorrow evening and Friday I am cooking, cooking and cooking too. Hopefully pictures on Sunday then.

In the end it seems I had a few things to tell. Just not too much time.


  1. Oups! On avait complètement zappé qu'il fallait se déguiser! Un petit conseil de dernière minute ?? Un magasin vintage pas trop cher pour un accessoire 80's ??