25 November 2008

Secret lover?

I just received a phone call from a florist. They said they had flowers to deliver me and asked if I'm home around 5. I am not but they can leave the flowers in front of the door, I told them.

So now I am wondering who is buying me flowers??? I have never received any and I think it will be difficult to focus on my job this afternoon.

Aaaah so exciting!!!!

Edit 28th of Nov: the flowers were white so I was quite right but they were sent from the real estate agent who sold me the flat. Really nice from Aleksandra but not that exciting any longer... well, well, I won't complain they're really nice!


  1. Peut être la même personne qui te prête sa voiture???.... oui, je veux toujours du gossip! :p

  2. Alors c'est qui???? :-)

  3. moi j'avais une petite idée...depuis tu l'as reçu tu peux nous dire !

  4. ben alors? tu nous fais patienter là? qui donc est-ce que c'est donc???et les as tu reçues deja?

  5. Manny: non malheureusement. :P

    Norore: tu pensais à quoi?

    Tous: voir le post que j'ai édité.