09 November 2008

Directly from home

Yes yes yes! I'm posting from home!!! Here we go again my friends!

So what's been happening to me lately: as you know I have moved and been trying to fix the new flat. It was a bit slow in my opinion but that's not easy when you don't have a car and when you're working all day. But we're making progress and we're getting there.

Left now:
-put up the bar table
-get the last two stools
-put up the mirror and the hat/scarf shelf in the entrance. (had the machine this week-end but didn't get precise information enough from my colleague so I didn't manage... )
-find the lamp covers for my room and the living room
-And mostly, order and get a couch!

And that's more or less it!

Otherwise nothing much lately: working (blah...), training (yay), going out (super yay)! And of yes! My mum was here 2 weeks ago. It was so nice to have her here! We didn't do much because the weather was terrible but just the fact of spending some time, my mother, my sister and me... that was a blast!!! We went to Tjolöholm castle, south of Gothenburg. Had never been there and it was really nice. Apart from that it feels we just ate the whole time haha!!!

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