12 July 2011

The lake

One thing I love about Gothenburg is how close to the nature you are. Take the tram for 20 min and you're either by the sea, ready to board a boat that takes you to the archipelago, or close to a lake.

Last Sunday, we opted for the lake for two friends. A bit of food, a book, sunscreen, bikini & sunglasses and here we go. When I went down the tram, I had a little walk. 

First, I passed this old house.

Passed the stable, didn't the see the horses this time though. :(

Continued and recognized these marvelous little cottages. You can book them for a wedding for instance. Anyone tempted?

Walked a bit more and finally arrived there. Our usual spot is on the peninsula that you can see on the left in the background, so that where I headed after taking the picture and being surprised on how little people there was this day. Holidays + nice weather, where were they? Eh! Only better and quieter for us.

We usually take the end end of the peninsula but there was people when we arrived (took the pic later). 

So we chose a spot a couple of meters from there. Put our blankets and towels on the ground and take off our shoes.

Suddenly a duck mommy with her babies passed by. It had to be a good spot.

So I laid down and did nothing the following 5 hours except from eating and talking with my friends and thinking how great life is.

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  1. Quand je me marierai avec Carl Philip, on louera un de ces cottages, qu'en dis tu? :p

    Sinon moi aussi, j'aime beaucoup ce genre de programme... vivement la semaine prochaine! ;)