08 February 2011


Before I continue with part II (and III and IV) of my Mexico trip, I have to tell you what I've been doing the last 10 or 12 days (and why I haven't been blogging more). Like last year (search in the archive for February 2010 on the right column), I have been to the Gothenburg International Film Festival or GIFF. It is actually ranked 16 in the world for film festivals, not too bad, uh? And it's bigger than the Stockholm film festival which makes me a little proud (normal friendly rivalry between Gothenburg and Stockholm). It last 11 days and more than 450 films and documentaries from all over the world are shown.

Looking at the movies I saw last year, I saw mainly French and English/American movies. This year I have been much more eclectic and I have taken more risks. A couple of time, it failed but most of the times I have been happy with my choices.

Here is a grading (out of 5) and ranking of the movies I have seen. 18 in 10 days, you understand why it was quiet here then! ;)

Black Swan (USA): 5
Jag saknar dig (SWE): 5
The King's speech (UK): 4,5
Kongen av Bastøy (NOR): 4,5
King's Road (ISL): 4,5
Exit through the gift shop (UK): 4
Juan (DEN): 4
Run if you can (GER): 4
Nannerl, Mozart's sister (FRA): 4
Limbo (NOR): 4
Carlos (FRA): 4
Lily Sometimes (FRA): 3,5
Abel (MEX): 3,5
Never Let me go (UK): 3
Hereafter (USA): 3
Rabbit Hole (USA): 2
The mill and the cross (POL): 2
CaraCremada (SPA): 1

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  1. tu as vu tout ça?... tu m'étonnes que tu n'aies pas eu le temps d'écrire sur le blog!!!
    merci en tout cas pour ce palmarès. MOi je voudrais voir le discours d'un roi et Black Swan (pour N. Portman!)