13 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back! Came back Sunday night without any problems. Nothing to do with the way to Mexico, neither in terms of delays nor in terms of comfort. Travelled in economy this time and let me tell you, the biggest difference is SPACE.

Anyway, when I came back I made the big mistake of not putting an alarm clock so I slept 13 hours! 13 hours! I slept until 13.30 which never happens to me nowadays, I never sleep later than 10 or 11 AM (unfortunately) even if I go to be very late. After that, my sleeping pattern has been a disaster. I don't feel jetlagged or tired, just insomniac. Although I go to bed around 23 or midnight I just can't sleep before 2 or 3 AM. Which means it takes 2 or 3 hours to fall asleep... and the one who know me, well you that's not usual!

I know we're already mid-January (OMG, is this year going as fast as last year, which just pffffiout disappeared) but in a way, it feels 2011 started on Monday morning for me so...


  1. Bonne année ma Lolo!!! je te souhaite de retrouver un taf très vite, de trouver un 'hombre' très vite, et puis tout ce que toi tu souhaites...!!

  2. tu tombes pile poil c'est nouvel an Russe aujourd'hui!
    bonne année à toi!
    plein de bises

  3. Bonne année !!! Bisous !

  4. Excellente année 2011 !