03 November 2010

Liselotte Watkins

The other day, while ready Metro in the morning I stumble upon this ad. And I immediately fell in love with it. It's so different from all the glasses ads I've seen before.
I recognized Liselotte's style directly and wanted to see if there were more ads. And I found this one.
Now the marketer in me is talking but I really like the fact that you really can see the product, the brand (both Lensway and Givenchy/Diesel) and the price. What else do you need in an ad? Perfect realisation!

And of course I love the fashion touch! ;)

I saw those ads last week and just a couple of days later, I saw this ad, for Absolut Vodka this time.
Do you recognize the style on the bottle? Yes, it's Liselotte Watkins again! She even got her own limited edition. Woaw! Impressive. It's with a coffee flavor apparently.

But who's Liselotte Watkins? are you thinking now. She's a Swedish fashion stylist and illustrator that now lives in Milan, Italy. And since she's Swedish we've see quite a lot of her work here in Sweden. But even if you don't live in Sweden, you may have already seen some of her work.

Remember the Marimekko collection that H&M did a couple of years ago? She did the illustrations.

She got famous internationally when Miucca Prada noticed her and asked her to design some print in 2008 for the Miu Miu brand. Here are some pics from the collection:

If you want to see more of her work: click here (her agency's website).
If you want to see some of her but also her inspiration and her life, check her blog.


  1. Lolo, ton blog est décidément super intéressant...! j'adore ton commentaire sur le boulot de cette Marketeuse...! merkiii ma lolo!!!

  2. Anonymous4/11/10 19:40

    yo tengo una bolsa de ella.. la que llevaba al italiano, te acuerdas?//brenda