22 June 2010


I was too young to remember Diana and Charles' wedding in 1981 but I remember watching Fergie and Andrew's in 1986 with my family. Since then I can't remember such a big royal event. Until last Saturday. "This wedding placed Sweden on the world's map" wrote some Swedish journalists the day after. I don't know to which extent it's true but they certainly didn't do things small.

To start with Victoria's dress that was 5m long... Quite simple for a future queen some people would say. Totally reflecting her personality I would answer them. Victoria is a very intelligent and down-to-earth person, she doesn't need show off. She was wearing the veil her mother wore 34 years ago on that same day (Carl XVI Gustav and Silvia got married on the 19th June 1976). The same crown as well that was reportedly given by Napoleon to his wife Josephine.

I didn't see when the royalties came in the church so I first discovered them all IN the church and my first reaction was that Margrethe of Denmark outshone Silvia of Sweden with her flamboyant green dress... but if you look closer, Silvia's gown is quite stunning and her jewels... oh my! Madeleine is stunningly beautiful as usual.

Swedding = Swedish Wedding. ;)

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  1. I was in Germany the last week-end and they kept on and on and on talking about it !!!! I love her dress.

  2. Visst var hon vacker! Som hon strålande av lycka. Och jag grät som bara den... :-)

    Önskar dig en trevlig midsommarhelg! Kram.